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Surveillance Video Recorder

What surveillance video recorder is right for you?

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - Unlike VCRs, DVRs record video to a computer hard drive or other media such as a CD or DVD. This makes a DVR easy to maintain because there are no bulky tapes to change or the risk of losing video quality when recording over previous footage. Except for the World's Smallest DVR, all of our other DVRs can be operated and monitored remotely from anywhere in the world using the Internet. While the surveillance video data is stored on the DVR it can be protected from loss caused be operating errors, tampering and accidents.

VCRs - VCRs record to a video cassette tape which creates the need to change tapes. So we built our VCRs with time-lapse and video motion detection features. Video motion detection allows the VCR to begin recording only while motion is detected. Time-lapse is a series of images taken in a set number of time intervals. This means that not every frame is recorded as it is with Real Time. Time-lapse and motion detection help space on your video tapes.

VISEC Surveillance Software - VISEC is a software that is installed on an existing computer that you own. VISEC turns that computer into a surveillance system. You can connect up to four cameras to the computer and the video can be set-up to record to your computer, VISEC's server or an FTP site. VISEC can be run in hidden mode, which means that anyone using your computer would not know it's running.

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