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Taser Pulse Taser x26c Taser C2 Taser m26c
$369.99 (new) $829.99 $384.99 $384.99
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TASER® M26C & Accessories

TASER® M26C with Integrated Laser Sight, Carrying Case and 4 Cartridges

CODE: 44009

Get the M26c for $384.99   $115 Off Regular Price of $499.99  Add a  Free  Pepper Spray above (if desired)... More

TASER® M26C Replacement Cartridges

CODE: 34220

TASER® X26C REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES - Reload your TASER® X26C in less than a second with a replacement cartridge. Comes with two per package. More

TASER® M26C Secondary Cartridge Clip Holster

CODE: 44860

Secondary Cartridge Clip holster for TASER® M26C. Attaches to the bottom of TASER® M26C and stores one extra cartridge. Feel safe knowing that one... More

TASER® M26C Nylon Right or Left Handed Thigh Holster

CODE: 4483X

Holster is available right or left handed. Choose above. Holster also holds 2 cartridges. More
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