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Taser Pulse Taser x26c Taser C2
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TASER® X26P & Accessories

Taser X26P Black with Laser, LED, 2 Live Cartridges, Battery, Holster, Target

CODE: 11027

ATTENTION -- Purchasers must be 18 years or older.  Maryland, Minnesota, and Illinois require background check. Taser devices cannot be... More

TASER® X26P Replacement Cartridges

CODE: 34221

TASER® X26P REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES - Reload your TASER® X26C in less than a second with a replacement cartridge. Comes with two per package. More

Black Hawk Holster for the Taser ®X26P

CODE: 1150X

The X26P Blackhawk Holster is custom crafted for the TASER X26P Defender weapon. This holster is the holster of choice for Law Enforcement officers across... More

TASER® X26P HD Camera

CODE: 26810

The TASER CAM HD recorder was built from the ground up to work with X2 and X26P devices to automatically record superior audio and video of your TASER... More

TASER® Camera HD USB Download Kit

CODE: 26762

The Dataport Download Kit is specifically designed to plug into the TASER X2 or X26P CEW via the battery well and connects to a PC using an available USB... More